Friday, August 15, 2008

Vacation Vignette #1: The Beach

Here it is - I'm going to post about our vacation in groups with pictures, or vignettes, if you will. It helps me keep my thoughts organized, and helps you make some sort of sense out of my ridiculous ramblings.
Of COURSE one of our favorite parts about our trip was the ocean and the beach. We mostly had hot sunny days. All we brought were our beach chairs, our books, our crosswords, our iPods, and our camera. We spent a good chunk of each of the days just soaking up the sun, playing in the waves, digging for shells in thee softest white flour-like sand I've ever seen, and enjoying doing absolutely nothing. I am beginning the long and challenging process of learning about photography. Right now, I have a pretty dull, mundane, boring, run of the mill, point and shoot camera. However, since it's all we've got, that's what I used. So in between running in the big salty waves and sweating and bathing in the sun, I tried my hand at taking some pictures.

That's my steamy McDreamy. He's not a fan of getting his picture taken. Oh well!
(Side note-do you see how beautifully blue the sky is?)

Well, not one of my better looks. Do you see the crusty sand plastered in my hair? And the sun brings out those darn freckles quicker than you can say "macula".
Here he had just come in from shell searching. He's a world renowned Shell Seeker Champion. It's true. More on McDreamy's skills in a future vignette.

The whiteness of the beaches + the blueness of the skies = pure. bliss.

Meet Sal, the Seagull. I spent forever trying to get as close as I could to Sal, without him flying away. And I just shot and shot and shot until I was able to get a picture that I was somewhat happy with. It took me quite awhile, but there he all his glory.

This sweet old man was collecting shells (the brown bag is full of them), and he decided to take a break, and just watch. He plopped his cute little old self down, and sat for quite some time. I didn't know him, but the picture was so cute...I couldn't resist taking one...or two...or three.

Coming soon: Vacation Vignette #2: Tropical Paradise.


Jessica said...

Finally some vacation pics!! Looks good B, cant wait to see more.

Noni said...

Sounds like a dream come true!! So glad you two went!! :)