Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Smattering of Thoughts

Baby News...

The weeks are flying by, and now that I'm really growing and changing, and so is Baby, I thought it might be kind of fun to give you some visual updates! At 20 weeks we had the ultrasound to take a look at Baby and make sure everything is healthy and on track. And we had the time of our lives seeing our precious baby on that screen. The magnitude of the miracle growing inside me is simply breath taking. The fact that God's hand is on every minute detail of development in our child is undeniable. Below is a profile shot of our baby - precious, no?

I am now almost 23 weeks, and since it appears my belly is ever growing, I wanted to take some pictures. (This is mostly for my mom, as she can't see me on a weekly basis.)

I have to chuckle when I look in the mirror and see see that bump! It's getting so big! and so is the babe inside. What once started out smaller than a seed is quickly on it's way to a pumpkin! Keep growing Baby...keep growing!

And Jonah...

My 1st nephew and Godson, Jonah, will always always be the apple of my eye. There is a special place in my heart for him, and I am touched every time I have the opportunity to spend time with him. His laughter is infectious, his smile is beautiful, and his heart is so big. He just turned three, and he is a complete delight.

To our precious Jonah Man - you are a gift from Heaven. We are amazed at your bright mind and your loving heart. We pray God's blessings over you as you continue to grow and change. Never stop being your incredible self. Happy Birthday - We LOVE you!