Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blogging Hiatus...and a Merry Christmas!

Oh my goodness gracious - has it really been a month since I've blogged? Oopsies. Sorry about that. I know, I know...nobody wants to hear excuses, but believe me when I tell you that we've had a lot going on in the last 5 weeks. Really and truly. But I'll get to that in a later post.

But right now, let's talk about Feliz Navidad, Joyeus Noel, Mele Kalikimaka, Fröhliche Weihnachten, Glædelig Jul...MERRY CHRISTMAS! Christmas is just days from now. Okay...actually just two. Yikes! What I'm hoping is that later, I can come back here, and update this post with...you guessed it...actual pictures. I have pictures of our sweet little place, decorated with lights and a cute little Hermie (from Rudolph) Christmas Village, a count-down-to-Christmas counter, and of course, our tree. So cross your fingers...we're hoping I'll get those pictures up sometime before Christmas Day.

But I want to talk about Christmas because well...it's my favorite holiday. I'm sure that some of you share that feeling, and some don't. And I'm sure some of our reasons for why it's our favorite are the same. But can I share them with you anyway?

1. I love Christmas because it brings with it a sense of nostalgia. Christmas has it's own scent, and everything about it is lovely - the lights, the snow, the trees, the food. It's all just so very nostalgic.

2. I love Christmas because it's a time for family and friends. This is the time of year when (most of the time) we get to spend time with loved ones from near and far. It's a special time to connect and share.

3. I love Christmas because it's a time to give. Not that giving isn't good all year round but it's universally a time to give. And I love that. It's a time that many people put "self" aside and think about others. I think as a whole, we need to do that more often.

4. The #1 reason I love Christmas is because it's the season that we come together to celebrate the birth of our sweet Savior Jesus Christ. To acknowledge that He came to earth as a tiny baby. To recognize that He was selfless and gave Himself for us. It's quite a humbling thought, isn't it? It's a time for us to be thankful and realize, that we are truly loved. Not just by friends and family, but by Jesus. Will you join me in loving this season? The season of our Savior's birth?
I pray that you all are incredibly blessed this Christmas season. That you have the opportunity to notice the nostalgia in the air, that you have the opportunity to spend time with loved ones, that you have an opportunity to give, and that most of all, you take the time to remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas, everybody!