Friday, August 22, 2008

Post of SummerFall

Okay okay. I KNOW that this is still not Vacation Vignette #2, but I will post that tonight. I will. I will!
In the mean time…a while ago I saw the Post of Summer at The Slug Blog, and I got inspired. I suppose I could do that, but I wanted to change it up a bit. Today is August 22, which means in 4 weeks, it will be Autumn. I know that some of you are groaning and moaning about summer leaving us. I love summer. I do. But I don’t mind it leaving us. What I moan and groan about is the impending doom of the long cold blistery winters. However, before Antarctica settles in for a solid 6 months, we here in the Midwest get to experience this beautiful season called Fall. And, I’m so glad…because it’s my favorite season. So, as a tribute to Fall, let’s give this a shot. Share with me what you are looking forward to! What are the things that make you love Autumn? I can’t wait to read what you come up with!

Drink that makes me Love Fall : Fresh Apple Cider!
I am very much looking forward to getting FRESH apple cider from the orchard and drinking it warmed on a crisp cool Autumn evening.

Food that makes me Love Fall : Butternut squash soup!
There is something so…fall-ish about this! It’s earthy and hearty and smooth and warm…and beautifully orange!

Television Series I’m Most Looking Forward to Returning this Fall : The Office
It’s just been gone for soooooo long. I cannot wait for September 25th!

Movie Most Likely To See This Fall BOO!
I WAS going to put Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, but dang WB, because of that, I’m not answering!

Clothing Item That Makes you Love Fall: The Sweatshirt!
The sweatshirt is by far my favorite favorite item of clothing…and let’s face it…you can’t wear a sweatshirt when it’s 95 degrees outside!

Expected Destination That Makes you Love Fall: The Apple Orchard.
It’s the crisp cool autumn air, coupled with the scent of fresh apples, dirt, trees, and all those delicious Fall treats that they have.

Favorite Activity that Makes You Love Fall: Four wheeling at the cabin.
Out of any season, four wheeling in the Fall at the cabin, is my all time favorite

Favorite Place that Makes You Love Fall: The Cabin
It’s not even my cabin, (Thank you Thank You Jess) but I love it. I love it in all seasons. BUT, The Cabin in the Fall takes the cake. It is indescribable.


Jessica said...

Fall drink: I'm not a fan of apple cidar and I'm in love with coffee so I'll say coffee because it's good for all seasons.

Fall food: Apple pie - homemade with apples from the orchard. Yum.

Television series: Well...we dont watch TV, so I cant say I'm looking forward to much, but when that office season is out on DVD, watch out!

Fall movie: Baz Lurman's Australia, SO excited for that!

Fall clothing item:
Sweater without jacket. Love it!

Fall destinaation: Toss up between the cabin and apple orchard. Both please!

Fall activity: raking and then jumping in leaves. Can we still do that as adults?

Fall place:
Oh, the cabin FOR SURE!

B said...

Yay-thanks for playing along Jess...I get lonely here sometimes, and it brings a smile to my face when I see people playing along with my stupid little games. Thanks!

Noni said...

Fall drink: Apple cider with a cinnamon stick!!
Fall food: mmm apple crisp and apple pie, ala mode of course!
TV series: The Office, Grey's, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives...apparently my goal of limiting my tv addictions is not working so well ;)
Fall movie: it WAS Harry Now I suppose it would have to be Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist or The Soloist.
Fall clothing item: Sweater!!!!
Fall place: apple orchard and this year, scottsdale,az for a business trip
Fall activity: carving pumpkins and eating baked pumpkin seeds. YUM!