Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Our baby boy turned one today. I can't believe it. I'm full of joy and amazement at the wonderful little person he's becoming. I'm in disbelief that an entire year has come and gone already. All I can say is - I have loved every minute of it. And I'm certainly looking forward to the next...and the next...and the next... Happy Birthday, my little man. I love you a million baby kisses and cuddles.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our son is 9 months old. How did that happen you ask? Well to be honest...I do not know. Apparently, what I've been told is, there are 12 months in a year. And every 4 weeks, another month passes. And I guess, 4 weeks have passed 9 times already. But I can't believe it. There has to be some mistake. Right? There's just no way that I can have a 9 month old son...

But I guess...when Elijah warms my heart the way he does...I find I am just loving 9 months...

Monday, February 1, 2010

my cup runneth over

Hello? Hemmpph (clearing throat.) Crack, crack (knuckles cracking.) Tap tap...this thing on? Hello? Hello. Hi. Yep. That's right. I'm here. I'm here! Oh and let me tell you - it feels so good to be here. Here - sitting at the computer, clicking and clacking at the keys, staring at the bright screen, anticipating the completed post. It feels great! I've missed it. I have. I really have. But let me tell you, in the...few months I've been away, I've been having a really wonderful time. I can't apologize to you for not being here, but I've missed you just the same. I've missed the great blogosphere. So many days ideas for a post fly into my head, and I think "I've got to sit down and write!" But something comes up and another day passes. And then another. And another. Until I find myself in today, at midnight, sitting down, with nothing to do but tap out my rambling babbling exhausted thoughts.

I love different. But, different is...different. Meals aren't the perfectly planned out and executed productions they used to be. Meals happen when they happen. And life moves on. The dust may collect a bit longer than it used to. Life moves on. The laundry still gets cleaned, but maybe not folded and put away quite as quickly. And life moves on. And I love it. I love the crazy chaotic undetermined perfectly irregular days that we have. Because in those crazy days, we experience Elijah. In his beautiful quirky cuteness.

Elijah is growing. And watching him grow is one of the biggest adventures and pleasures I've ever experienced. Watching him learn to recognize my voice and my face, and watching his eyes light up when you enter a room. Watching him drool and chew and slobber to work in that first perfectly tiny and perfectly cute bottom front tooth. Watching him sit in his highchair and take his first bite of cereal, and quickly proceed to spit it back out. Watching him try and try and try try again to roll over to reach his little buddy, the very hungry caterpillar. Watching him perfect his jumping in his jumper.

Watching him laugh and giggle and cuddle with his daddy.

Our baby is growing. He's growing right up in front of our eyes - and I'm loving every single big and tiny moment of it. The past 7 months have been fascinating to say the least. Elijah captures my heart with every coo, every smile, every yelp, every whimper, every sleepy sigh.

My cup runneth over, again and again...and with very good reason. Don't you agree?