Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time Is Ticking Away

So where my time is concerned...I seem to have less of it. Less time in the evenings to watch movies, read, hang out with friends, and BLOG. Where I used to stay up until 10:30, 11, or even 12 some nights, I'm usually (if I can) in bed by 9. I would stay up later if I could, but you see, I have this bean sprouting into a watermelon inside of me that takes up a lot of my energy. It wipes me out!
All this to say - I threw Nick a surprise 25th birthday party the 1st weekend in February. I was determined to get pictures up here from that night. I have the pictures. I just haven't had the time to get them up here. One thing I'm determined to do before the baby gets here...
I have a slew of pictures of my forever cute nephew and Godson, Jonah. If you could only see his big huge Indian eyes, and his eternally long eyelashes...you would fall right in love with that little boy.
I even have pictures of my ever growing belly. I can't believe it - but this week marks the halfway point for me. Can you believe it? I'm almost 20 weeks, and the baby is doing some serious growing. My shape seems to change weekly these days, and the baby is starting to kick up a storm.
And I'm sorry that I've shared none of this with you. :( Time is just slipping away from me. Before I know it, our little baby will be here! and then I will struggle to find the time to show you pictures of his/her beautiful little face.
But anyway - I have not forgotten the blog world...it's just it's a lot harder for me these days to dial in! Until the next time (which I'm hoping is much sooner than later) ...