Monday, April 16, 2012


So I know that I'm late in getting this up, but better late than never I say.
Every other year, we celebrate Easter up here in the Twin Cities with Nick's family. This year was our year to be here. So, just like every year, we went to Nick's grandmother's house for lunch and spent some time catching up with his side of the family. And THEN, we did something different.

Our very good friends, The Gilberts and The Espersens had no Easter plans and I thought "that's perfect - let's have them over!" So we did. And it was so much fun! We shared a big meal together and then the kids had some fun. We had Easter baskets for them, and the 4 big kids had such a blast! They did an Easter egg hunt outside and despite it being a bit chilly, they had so much fun! Filling our home with close friends and family was so special, and it was even more special knowing that we all share the same faith. We came together that day to rejoice that our Savior, Jesus, died for our sins and rose from the grave! Thank you, dear friends, for sharing such a special day with us - we are blessed beyond measure.