Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fun in the Sun Hot Muggy Sticky Heat

We have a few traditions in our family. Whenever all of us get together, we always stay together under one roof.  We will all squeeze together no matter what.  And we usually do this during holidays.  Mom and Dad host us all at Christmas.  Eric and Chantel host Memorial Day in Kenosha.  And Nick and I usually host everyone for the 4th of July. So per the usual, we made the trek down to Kenosha this past weekend.  Now that there are five grandchildren (all boys), age 6 and under, our get-togethers are anything but subdued and quiet.  And we would't have it any other way!  The weather was a bit unpredictable this weekend and we ended up with some cooler weather, and then some hot hot hot, humid weather.  So what did we do?  We spent that hot hot hot humid day outside, in the water.  And everybody seemed to forget the hot hot day, and have a blast together in the water.