Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Midnight Pizza

It's probably not necessary for me to even state this: but McDreamy is a sports guy. Always has been, always will be. He loves watching sports, playing sports and coaching sports. And to top it off-he's GOOD at sports. He's athletic (of course) and I quite enjoy watching him do his thing. Anyway, during the summer McDreamy likes to join a couple rec softball leagues. His Tuesday night league was in the playoffs, and since it was their last night, I decided I would go and be supportive. The game was scheduled for 6:25pm and we thought it was single elimination-you lose and you're done. However, after they lost the game, we found out it was actually double elimination (you lose TWICE, you're done.) It typically wouldn't be an issue, but his games are played in a town that's about a 45 minute drive from where we live. So it can get kind of late. So although I did want McDreamy to win the second game, I also wanted him to lose so we could get home at a decent hour. (I know I know...but sometimes it's hard to be supportive when I'm tired and my stomach is growling...just keeping it real here folks.) But, luck was on his side, and they won their second game. THIRD game scheduled for 9:25. THIRD game actually started at 9:45. Uggh...I knew at that point to just give up and give in. The game ended a little before 11pm, and I was ready to get on the road and get home.

At this point, my brain and stomach were crossing signals. My brain was telling me that I had been up since 6 and needed sleep to make it through another day. My stomach was telling me that if I didn't eat, it was going to mutiny and keep me up all night growling. Sigh. I wish I was one of those people that could just put off eating like "eh, no big deal. I don't care about food." HA! Darn it...why can't I be one of those people? But, I'm not. Oh well. So we got home and simultaneously declared "I need food!" ( of the reasons I married him-he shares my love of food!) And McDreamy convinced me to order pizza (okay-if I'm being honest-I really didn't need any convincing. At all.) Gloriously cheesy, hot, greasy pizza. At midnight. Is there anything better? Really? And don't judge me...I'm sure you've been there too. And we don't make it a practice to eat pizza at midnight...but YUM-pizza at midnight! (Alright-I guess it's okay to judge a little...) But...if there's anyone out there that read this and then thought "I'm not the only one!" let me know, so tomorrow I can hang my head a little higher from knowing that I too, am not the only one!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chinese Take Out

Living in the city provides some wonderful conveniences: Coffee shops on almost every corner, unique stores within walking distance, farmer's markets, trendy non-chain restaurants with "only the best local ingredients", pizza delivery until 3am, and Chinese take out. Growing up in a small small town, or as my friend Jay says "a village", I was not familiar with all these city conveniences. Moving to the city at 18, I was blown away. And I have learned to love these things. Especially Chinese take out. I love Chinese food, and I love the idea of delivery right to my door. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to cook. Love it! But cooking Chinese food is time consuming. You have to drag out the Hoisin, the oyster sauce, the vinegar, the sesame oil, the cornstarch, and on and on and on. Sometimes, I'm just not in the mood. And sometimes, if it's too hot out, or I'm tired and I want to just relax, I like the option to order take out. However, the tiny hole-in-the-wall place we used to order from, has gone WAY down hill since I moved here. I mean, B-A-D. I stopped eating the meat...because let's face it, it wasn't real meat. Then, they decided to start cooking all their food while smoking, (Why? I'm just as baffled as you) so our food tasted like cigarette smoke, not Chinese food. So for the past couple of months, even if we had wanted to, Chinese take out was not an option. But then lo and behold, the other day, we found a pile of take out menus from a NEW place that opened up close to us. I was so excited! So last night, we decided to take the plunge and order. And I have to say, it STUNK. One question: WHY DO ALL TAKE OUT PLACES USE FAKE MEAT? WHY? Come on...I know when I order chicken, and I get something that neither LOOKS like chicken or TASTES like chicken-it's NOT chicken. It's rubbery, chewy, slimy...sorry for the detail-but I need you to grasp how disgusting this is! I should know better I guess. When there is a picture of my meal that looks like this:all yellowish and fake looking, I should know not to order it, or attempt to eat it. Nope. No. NO. So anyway...we choked some down, and regretted it afterward. Fake meat is not good for healthy digestion, if you know what I mean. I just would like to know...why can't take out be tasty and real and appealing? Why does it have to be yucky and fake and unappealing? Why? Why can't I order take out, and it look like this:

THIS is what my taste buds are craving when I decide to order take out. THIS is what my stomach wants to enjoy and easily digest. You know? Where have all the good take out places gone? Where? Can't you see I'm upset? I know, I know-it may be silly...but as a consumer of Chinese take out...I think I have to right to be a little miffed. So that's it. Conclusion: Bad fake Chinese take out leaves me feeling miffed. Thus ends my ranting and raving of the ever disappearing good take out. Amen.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The 4th

Dad's first Rockband experience

As McDreamy mentioned in his earlier post, my family made the long trip up to the city for the 4th of July. Mom, Dad, Sis, Brother, Sister-in-Law, and of course, The Bean. Since McDreamy and I live so far away from the family, we cherish every moment that we get with them. The times with them seem oh so special, and we begin the count down to the "next-time-we-get-to-see-them" seconds after we watch them pull away. This past weekend, we took Mom, Dad and Sis downtown to the farmer's market, and it was wonderful. The food, the people, the city. The Bean got to experience his first trip to the zoo,

and he was THRILLED. They guys went golfing, and we all went to the beach for a day. Dad experienced "Rock Band" and I think, had the time of his life. And of course, it wouldn't be a weekend with family unless we had pounds upon pounds upon pounds of food. And we did! Mom loves to cook, Sis loves to cook, Sis-in-Law loves to cook, and if you don't already know...I love to cook! Of course The Bean never stopped entertaining us with his funny little comments, and we all seemed to try and soak in as much "family" as we could.

The four days flew by so incredibly fast, and as always, we found ourselves wishing we could just have a little more time. But it was beautifully wonderful. It was almost idyllic. Enjoy the pictures. The fam.My beautiful sister-in-law

The Bean and his Daddy

Grandpa and The Bean

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I love Blogging

Hello everyone, this is my first time on this blog thing. My wife Bea has been badgering me for weeks to write something so here I am...writing. Me and Bea are preparing for her family to come up to the big city and stay the 4th of July weekend. We are really excited to see them. Bea tells me that her mom and dad are bringing with them a guy that is about 2 feet tall. I thought it was weird that they brought this little man wherever they went, but then I found out it was our godson The Bean! I love that 2 foot guy very much! I told the Bean that I would be the uncle that would let him do what ever he wants, so I think that's why we have a special bond. Farewell for now gang, this is McDreamy signing off.