Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Can it really be...

A year and two days ago, (it was a Saturday) we were visiting my parents in Wisconsin. I got a phone call from my dear friend Jessica Hilden. She said "I have a question for you, so give me a call back when you can." Her voice sounded a bit different, and I wondered if everything was okay. I called her back and and we chit-chatted for a bit. Then she said, "So...I have a question for you. We were just wondering when you guys were planning to have another baby because our squirt is going to need someone to play with?!" My jaw dropped and the tears poured down my face - they had had quite the journey (you can read about their story here) and I was beyond excited to hear their amazing news! ... Man, I still get choked up about it - God's provision is so unbelievably miraculous and overwhelming. Fast forward two days (a year ago from today) and on a spur-of-the-moment decision, I decided to take a pregnancy test, expecting the negative sign. But instead, it turned that oh-so-pretty pink plus sign, and put this Momma into tears. Baby number two was on his or her way. Two days later Jess was over for lunch and I said "So, remember when you asked when your baby would have someone to play with?" and she said "Is it NOW?" God's timing is incredible. Incredible!

I was blessed to grow side by side with Jessica and pray for her and with her. Such a blessing to share such a special time. And now, our two boys are here and already four months old. Born exactly 1 week apart, almost to the minute.
Dear Jessica - you were a beautiful Momma long before you held Max in your arms. It is the most fun watching you with your little man. Dear Max, you are an answer to prayer and such a sweet little buddy - I am so loving watching you grow and change. It's so fun to watch you and Judah grow together!

And to my sweet baby Judah - you are my little love. A year ago today I found out you were on your way to us and since that day, I have not stopped praying for you. I prayed everyday that the Lord would expand my heart to love another baby fully and without abandon. What I experienced with you was instant, over-the-moon, warm-my-heart through and through love. To my little Judah Bear - I love you deeply and fiercely, forever and ever.


Jessica said...

I loved sharing the journey with you my dear!!

Chanelle said...

Love it!