Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Girls DO Have Fun

Alternately Titled: Ode to Girls Day

This past weekend Nick was out of town. (For those of you confused, Nick = McDreamy. One and the same.) He was having one of those rugged-manly-backwoodsman kind of weekends. That left me to fend for myself. If you can call it fending. I was able to have a really wonderful Saturday with the girls. To start the day off, a large group of us went to this garage sale that was the talk of the town. Seriously. Laugh all you want. But this is the garage sale of the year and people talk about it for weeks. They even make "lists" of things they are looking to get. I was a first-timer, and had no list. I walked away with a never-before used Starbucks mini-mug. Yeah...exciting. BUT...despite my lack of a list, I heard from most that this year was a disappointment. The garage sale was...okay. My dear friend Jessica quite agrees with her post of Mildly Disappointed. My sentiments exactly Jess.

After leaving the mildly disappointing garage sale affair, the three of us girls headed to one of the best farmers markets I've seen here so far. It was huge, it was full of people, and they had a little bit of everything. Not just food, (and boy was it yummy food) but they had shops of all kinds. The sun was out, and the cool soon-to-be-autumn breeze was blowing. It was lovely. We dinked around there for awhile, and then headed to a place called "Litens"...I think. Litens is the largest party warehouse I've ever been to. They have everything for everything. Any theme, any color, any utensils, party favors, hats, cardboard cut outs, and on and on and on and on and on. You'd think we'd get overwhelmed...but that was not the case. We exclaimed over and over "They have everything." And, "why have we never heard of this place before??" It was a find a I tell you...a find. After exploring all we wanted, we got down and silly...and had a blast!

After we were done exploring Litens, we grabbed some iced coffee and headed to the lake. We walked and sipped coffee and sat and chatted and people watched...and it was lovely. The girl time we get is always fun and spontaneous and somewhat girly...and just plain wonderful. Note to Kellie: Thank You, for wearing those pink earrings. Thank. You. Nobody pulls off 80's jewelry/clothing like Kellie, and I have to thank her for it...because nobody can make 80's fashions look so....good? All in all, I had a rockin' weekend with the girls (yes-I did just say rockin'...) and I can't wait for the next one!


Jessica said...

YAY! I had a rockin' time too. I LOVE our helmet pic. Classic!

Jweaver said...

What a fun girls weekend! Where was the farmer's market you went to? Also, how did you bring out two colors in that photo of Kellie and Jess? My camera could bring out one color, but not two...did you do it on the computer?

Becky said...

We went to the one on Lyndale...have you been? It was my first time, and it was just so great!
And....although I really really wish that I was good enough to take a picture like that...I just took a B&W picture and photoshopped in those colors.

Anonymous said...

I love that photo of Kellie and Jess. You're right, only Kellie can pull off the 80's look like that. Heck, I lived the 80's and I couldn't pull it off like Kellie.

Mama Amos