Thursday, June 5, 2008

Black As The Night

Thunderstorms can sometimes seem too big to handle. It sometimes is eerily interesting to watch the storm form over a few hours. It starts as a gloomy day, and then blackness slowly creeps over the horizon. You hear the rumble of the thunder in the distance start to become the BOOMS that crash and rumble your home. The distant lightning becomes the huge bolts that jet down right outside your window. The pitter patter of softly falling rain is now the rude pounding of raindrops the size of quarters. And the gloomy skies have now completely transformed into skies as black as the night. It's in those moments sometimes, where the storm finally hits, and I sit here watching, that I am taken back in time. I am 8 years old all over again, excitedly dreading the storm that is certain to come. I'm anxious and excited and terrified all in the same moment. The booms seem to rumble all the way through me, and the lightning bolts seem to strike so close I can feel a slight charge shoot from my feet up to my head. But being 8, I get to crawl deep under my blankets and shield myself from it when it becomes too much. Sadly, now - I have no blankets to shield me, and I am sitting here, dreading having to battle this storm that is as black as the night.

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