Thursday, June 4, 2009

34 Weeks and counting

Week 34.
So today marks the 34th week of pregnancy for me. Yep. 34. Thirty. Four. Pretty nice huh? I'm getting really anxious to meet this baby! I don't have too much to say at this point - I'm still growing, as baby grows. I just thought I would post another picture so everyone can see what the belly is looking like these days :)


Can I Get a Little Help?
So awhile back Nick and I had picked out some baby bedding for the nursery. We just settled on the wall colors a few weeks ago, and the painting was done Monday. Then we bought our crib. And our crib was pictured in this beautiful room with this lovely light aqua color and design. Nick said, "oh we should paint the room that color!" and I agreed -the color was so lovely. But we already had the bedding, and I had searched and searched for baby bedding in those colors that was neutral. And I had no such luck. Everything was either way too girly, or it was evident it was made for a baby boy. Since we don't know what we're having - we need something neutral. So yesterday the crib and pack-n-play came, and the pack-n-play is this beautiful light aqua color and brown. And I just love it! and I said, "I sure wish we could have done the nursery in these colors." So I ran to the computer, just to check one last time to see if I could find something. And to my complete surprise, I did! We ordered it, and it's on it's way to us right now. Now this is where you come in. Which do you like better? The one with the light greens, cream and brown? Or the one with the light aqua, white and coffee? Whichever one we don't pick will just go back to the store! So help! What do you think?
Option #1 - Bunny Meadows Bedding Set
Option #2 Pinwheel Bedding Set


Jessica said...

I like the green and bunnies, but looking at the second one...I think I'm in love. You know where my vote lies.

Jweaver said...

They are both so cute! I have always loved chocolate brown and sage- separately and together, and we will most likely be using some dark chocolate for our baby so that is probably why I am loving the bunny one. But, if you painted a light aqua color in the room then I think the second one is perfect. It is so light and lovely. Hard decision.. but I think the second one is the winner. Ohh, so fun! Definitely post some pics of your finished nursery!

Anonymous said...

sara says: definitely the 2nd one. you really want bunnies???? besides, you love aqua (remember you wanted the kitchenaid that color), and it's just such a cheerful color. and the reminds of pooh bear...blech. #2!!!!

The Beals said...

I'm going to have to agree with Sara. I like the aqua.