Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Randomography: Take 1

Updated: After reading what Jess had to say, I realized she has a good point. What is randomography? Well, essentially it's Random Photography. It can be any random pictures you like, and somehow - they still tell a story. And sometimes, it's more fun just to let the pictures tell the story, rather than words. Hopefully that helps you makes sense of the somewhat random pairing of photos below. Thus ends my sad attempt at defining this made up word. Thankyouverymuch.
Before I start, I need to declare that this is not my original idea. I have borrowed it from HERE. I saw it as a great idea, and I'm going to try it out for myself. So...without further ado...

I woke up this morning to find this out of my window.

and this...

and this.

Pretty, no?

I have turned 26. It has come and gone. But not without some great pics (and hopefully more to come!)

Below are just of the few of the people who are my constants, and who made my day, my day.

(Where's my husband you say? He's behind the camera in this one!)


Jessica said...

I have three things to say:
1. I think you need to explain what Randomology is so that people who dont get it...will.
2. I LOVE LOVE that picture of the three of us.
3. Dave is a giant.
That is all.

Noni said...

HA! Jess, I laughed out loud when I read number 3 :) Thanks for memories of a wonderful night! I wish Jamaal and I didn't look like chipmunks in our picture... :(

Becky said...

I have three things to say:
1. Jess - duly noted and fixed pronto. Thank you.
2. I too LOVE LOVE that picture of the three of us.
3. Is Dave a giant? or are we all miniature people, and he is in fact, NOT a giant? we will never know...

Jessica said...

I showed that "giant" picture to all my co-workers and everyone laughed really hard and then when they met him last night at Wicked, they all commented on how he is a giant. Hilarious. Nicole kept calling him the DFG, "Dave the friendly giant." HA!