Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Coen Brothers Were Here

The Coen Brothers. You know...the brothers that grew up in St. Louis Park Minnesota, who wrote and directed Fargo, The Big Lebowski, Oh Brother Where Art Thou? (just to name a few), and most recently - No Country For old Men. Yep - those brothers.

They were here. Right where we live. Filming. Not just in our neighborhood, but on the property where we live.And I missed most of it! McDreamy went out this morning and saw ALL the trailers and tents up and people buzzing around. All the cast and crew had gathered together to enjoy breakfast together.

Sadly, Nick didn't grab the camera (and there were intimidating security guards) and couldn't get any pictures. So right when I got home from work, I grabbed the camera, and we ran out and took a few last parting shots as the trailers were pulling out.

I guess they have been here for 3 days, filming A Serious Man.

Is it okay that I thought there was a feeling of eeriness in the air? And the only reason I say that is...well, it's the Coen Brothers. They make scary, disturbing, unsettling movies. And they were here. And the eeriness? Well I suppose it's just because I'm one big giant scaredy cat. Nonetheless, despite the eeriness, they were here. Filming right where we live. I like that.

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Jessica said...

So fun. Dave was so jealous when he got the text from Nick that said, "the Coen brothers are filming here today." LUCKY! And your pictures? Super fab!